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December 27, 2014

Diatomaceous Earth + Iodine: My 30-Day Trial Day 21

I've been having some bad detox symptoms from the protocol. I've stopped taking iodine completely for awhile, because I believe it's responsible for the symptoms. I'm up to 1 tablespoon of the diatomaceous earth every day, and have had no noticeable side effects or detox symptoms when taking it by itself.

I started this to get my thinning hair to grow back, and I'm beginning to see some progress on that front. I've discontinued using castor oil on my scalp, and am beginning to see some short new hairs coming out on the top of my head. I'm not seeing as much hair loss in my brushes either, but I know that my hair cannot truly thicken until that stops. No doubt, the hair that is still weak will eventually fall out. If I hold my hair up to the side, I can see where it is getting thicker near the scalp, but overall, it is still painfully thin.

As for the iodine, the detox symptoms included severe swelling in my throat and lymph glands, especially on the right side; pain in my sinuses and strange pains in my gut as if something was boring  through my intestines. My shoulder and neck on the right side were also painful, and I had pain going from my left elbow into my hand. My joints were so painful yesterday I could hardly finish my shopping, although I had taken three naproxen tablets. I also had shooting pains (neuralgia) all over my body and my left hip had severe pain that felt like a slipped disk. That hip has been giving me trouble for awhile, so it may be unrelated.

The reason I believe it is the iodine causing this is because these are pretty much the same detox symptoms I had when I did an iodine protocol without DE a couple of years ago.

I've decided to finish up the 30 days with the diatomaceous earth only, and to do a 30-day iodine treatment next.

December 25, 2014

Will 2015 Be the Year I Really Lose Weight?

I try to lose weight every year, and every year I fail. This year, I lost a pant size without even trying during a period when I literally had no appetite for some reason. Now that I've regained my appetite, I am afraid I will gain that weight back.

I have horrendous eating patterns. I'm a grazer, which means I don't eat meals, I just eat when I'm hungry, and it might be just a piece of meat or a few carrot sticks or a piece of fruit or potato chips -- whatever I'm craving or whatever looks good in the fridge, that's what I eat.  I have a terrible addiction to sugar, which is one reason I lost the weight recently; because I cut way back on sugar. I'm a fruit freak and simply must have fresh fruit in my house at all times or I go a little mad. I considered becoming a fruitarian at one time, that's how much I love it.

I also have something called Night Eating Disorder, which is a strange thing that causes me not to be hungry during the day at all, but to consume most of my calories after 7 p.m. at night. I don't drink nearly enough water either.

I just started taking diatomaceous earth every day, and that is supposed to help you lose weight without trying, so we'll see about that. In the meantime, I need to make changes to my diet. These are the things I've decided I'm doing wrong:

  1. Don't drink enough water - all I have is a few cups of coffee every day, which doesn't really count as water because it's diuretic. The fruit counts as some water, but that's not enough. At one time, I had an alarm on my computer set for once an hour and a gallon of distilled water by my bed, and I drank 8 ozs of water every hour for 8 hours. That became boring very quickly. The thing is, I don't actually LIKE water. Fruit juice is too expensive and sugary drinks like Kool-Aid are, well, sugary. Most artificial sweeteners are poison.
    I like stevia o.k., not in love with it, but it's better than sugar or poisons, so maybe I'll start drinking homemade lemonade with stevia. That will solve two problems -- alkalizing my body and giving me more water.
  2.  Don't eat enough protein - I'm not actually that crazy about meat, although I have a freezer full of it right now. The meats I like most, pork and beef, are bad for me. I'm sick to death of chicken and don't like turkey. Beans are a good protein source, but how many beans can you really eat without gagging?
    POSSIBLE SOLUTION:  I have a tub of brown rice protein powder I never really use. I'm going to try to find ways to add that to foods to get more protein. I'll also try to eat meat once a day, although that depends on if I feel like cooking.
  3. Don't eat a balanced diet - I need to keep a track of what I eat, because if I don't, I'll do nothing but eat fruit all day. Menus don't usually work for me, because I may not want to eat those foods for that meal that day, which is why I fail at most diet plans. I also hate having my food choices restricted. If I want a slice of pie, I think I should be able to have it.
    POSSIBLE SOLUTION: Spark People's nutrition tracker. I used this once before and found it very helpful. It gives me a number of calories I need to lose weight and keeps track of my carbs, protein and fat. One drawback is that I like to make pot-luck vegetable soups, and there really isn't a way to keep an accurate account of the nutritional value in those. Also, it requires you to weigh some foods, and that's just too much trouble. Still, it will tell me if my food intake is sufficient and balanced.
  4. Eat too much after 7:00 pm. - The jury is out on whether eating late at night is bad or good. Some say it makes no difference when you eat, just what you eat and how much exercise you get. Since I don't exercise nearly enough, and I have a sedentary job, I think I should eat more during the day when I'm at least a little active.
    POSSIBLE SOLUTION:  Set the alarm for 7 p.m. and don't eat or drink after that time. If I get so hungry I can't stand it, I will allow myself to drink water or herbal tea, but no food. I'll soon tire of drinking the fluids, because it will mean I have to get up during the night and go to the bathroom.
  5. Don't get enough exercise - Well, there is no solution to that other than just to get off my butt and move, is there? I'll work all that out later, but I have a bicycle, and I need to start learning my way around town more, so I think a daily bike ride might not be a bad idea, especially now that the weather is nice.
So there you have it. What I do wrong and what I could possibly do right. Of course, that doesn't mean I'll do it, or that I'll stick to it, but at least it's all laid out so I can see the possible solutions to the weight problem. I'd really like this to be the year I lose the extra 30 pounds and get back into my skinny jeans.

December 17, 2014

How to Take Bentonite Clay for Healing

Originally published 9/19/11
First, I want to say that you should NEVER take Sodium Bentonite clay. Yes, it is cheap, but it can build up in your intestines and cause blockages. Sodium Bentonite is used to stop leaks in industrial piping. Think about it. 

How do you know what kind of Bentonite you have? Put a tablespoon of clay into an 8 oz. glass of water and leave it for a few minutes. If it expands to 15 times its size, it's Sodium Bentonite. If it only expands to about twice its size, it's Calcium Bentonite.

You can read all about the benefits of using calcium Bentonite clay here. It isn't a commercial site, just a lot of information.

Start Slowly

Calcium bentonite clay contains silica, and some people are sensitive to it. The best way to start taking it for cleansing and healing is to dilute it and build up slowly. Always drink calcium Bentonite clay on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning or two hours after your last meal at night.

Add 1 tablespoon of calcium Bentonite to 8 ozs. of distilled water. Let it sit for 24 hours. Mix it well, and take out one teaspoon of that mixture and place it into 8 ozs. of distilled water. Drink that once a day for three days. On day four, you can drink the same mixture twice a day, once in the morning on an empty stomach, and once at night two hours after your last meal. Do this for four days, to make one week.

On week two, up the dosage to two teaspoons of the mixture once a day for three days, then twice a day for four days. Keep upping the mixture by one teaspoon every week until you get to the point where you are using 18 teaspoons (6 tablespoons) a day. At that point, you can simply mix 1 tsp. of  calcium Bentonite into 8 ozs. of distilled water and drink that every day on an empty stomach. Add 1/2 tsp. weekly until you work up to 1 tablespoon of calcium Bentonite in 8 ozs. of distilled water every day.

Drinking Additional Water and Fiber Requirements

Everyone knows that water is good for you. You need to drink at least half your body weight in ounces every day, which is difficult, no doubt. Caffeine drinks don't count as water, because they are diuretics that dehydrate you.

Calcium Bentonite can bind your intestines unless you drink enough water. It is recommended that after you drink your 8 ozs. of calcium bentonite mixture, you should drink another 8 ozs. of water or juice, then continue to drink your recommended amount of water during the day.

If you still get constipated, try taking some fiber with the Bentonite. Some people like to mix it with applesauce instead of drinking it. Some people eat oatmeal right after a dosage. You will read about what is called a P&B shake, which is calcium Bentonite and Psyllium husks. The problem with this is that Psyllium husks can rob your body of vitamins, and cause laxative dependence, so it's best to avoid this whenever possible. I've found that eating a bag of popcorn every night helps keep me pretty regular when I'm using the Bentonite. I haven't tried the applesauce, but many people find this works very well.

Where to Buy Calcium Bentonite Clay

I buy my clay on Amazon from Aztec Secrets. I suggest that if you are new to using Bentonite, you buy a small size first. If you don't like it, it can be used externally as well for masks and to draw impurities from your skin. It's a little over $10 + postage (free shipping with a $35 purchase or with Amazon Prime).

Aztec Secret - Indian Healing Clay, 1 lb clay

Diatomaceous Earth + Iodine: My 30-Day Trial Day 11

I'm up to 2 teaspoons of diatomaceous earth a day, and 2 drops of 5% Lugol's iodine. I have noticed that I'm a big constipated, although very regular. I've been eating a lot of soup, which usually has the opposite effect, so I'm thinking that there is a diuretic effect from the DE that is causing it.

I noticed a musty odor to my urine, which confused me at first, until I realized it is probably candida die-off. Also, I'm having a lot of pain in my right shoulder and up into my neck. I had surgery on that shoulder a few years back, but I haven't been lifting anything heavy, so I don't know what is causing that. It may be the iodine. The last time I took iodine, I got a lot worse before I got better as it cleaned out the bromine from my system

My hair is definitely thickening up at the roots, which may be from the castor oil treatments before, and I have noticed my nails growing a little faster. My skin is still really dry, but I know that is from the dry winter air, and I haven't started taking the coconut oil on a regular basis yet. I will start that today.

I'm taking my iodine co-supplements now. I had forgotten all about them, which may be why I was having a hard time. This is what you have to take with the Lugol's to have it work properly and not cause problems.

Selenium – 200 – 400 mcg per day
Magnesium – 400 – 1200 mg per day
Vitamin C – 3,000 – 10,000 mg per day
Vitamins B2/B3 (ATP CoFactors) – 100 mg riboflavin and 500 mg no flush niacin, inositol hexanicotinate form, 1-2x per day
Unrefined Salt (Celtic) – 1/2 tsp. or more per day

If you want to learn more about iodine supplementation CLICK HERE.

That's all I have to report today. I'll be back if anything strange happens or a week if nothing does.

December 13, 2014

Diatomaceous Earth + Iodine: My 30-Day Trial Day 7

It's been a week now since I started taking the diatomaceous earth and iodine, and this morning, I noticed something significant. I usually wake up with my fingers swollen and stiff. This morning, they were not swollen at all and there was no pain. While my knees and ankles were still a bit stiff when I first got up, the pain and stiffness went away within minutes, whereas it usually lasts for hours. I haven't had to take any Aleve for a few days now, except for a bad sinus headache.

I also noticed that the skin on my face is much smoother. This is significant, because the only way I've been able to have smooth skin is to use exfoliants such as Vitamin C serum and a scrubbing sponge, which I have not used lately. The skin on my hands and arms is also very dry and scaly, and while it seems a little bit better, I'm going to go back to taking my coconut oil for that. Eating coconut oil really makes you skin beautiful. I don't get the same effects by applying it directly to my skin, though. It soaks in, but doesn't plump it up the way eating it does. 

Increasing the Dosages

I upped the dosage of diatomaceous earth to 1.5 level teaspoons today, and upped the dosage of iodine to two drops. As for the iodine, the bromine detox breakout has stopped, but it may come back with this higher dosage. I've been putting the iodine directly on a few swollen finger joints, and it has started staining my skin, which usually means it isn't soaking in, so I'll stop doing that for a few days. I have noticed a little reduced selling in those joints, but they have a long way to go.

As for my goiter, it hasn't changed much. It's smaller in the morning before I take my iodine, but then it swells to try to soak it all up. I'm expecting it to be larger for awhile after I increase the dosage, but I know that once it is saturated and getting as much iodine as it wants, and has pushed out all the bromine and fluoride, it will start working properly again. I feel like it has already started working better, due to my increased energy and better mental focus. Of course, that may also be the diatomaceous earth working. These two seem to work very well together.

Adding Supplements

I'm going back to taking my multi-vitamin and B-complex today as well. I cut out all supplements until I could see what the DE and iodine were doing, but now that I know they are definitely working, I will add those back in. I'll add the others back in a few at a time after a month of this protocol to see if they make any difference. As to my hair, I want to see what the diatomaceous earth will do on its own before I add back the biotin and CLA. 

So that's it for now. I'll report back in a few days. In the meantime, if you would like to try diatomaceous earth, you can order it from Amazon. It is listed on the My Favorites widget on the left sidebar.

December 11, 2014

Diatomaceous Earth + Iodine: My 30-Day Trial Days 5 & 6

I have upped my dosage to 1 teaspoon of diatomaceous earth, and I have a little bit of something to report. First, that healing crisis on Day 4 is over. I woke up yesterday feeling very good with a clear head and a little more energy.

I have noticed I am falling asleep faster and sleeping more soundly, which is a big change over before. I am definitely more regular with my bowel habits, but one thing does concern me. (GRAPHIC WARNING)  My stools seem to be very narrow, like they are coming out through a smaller opening. I can't imagine what would cause that. Also, they are very "fibrous," like a hemp rope, and contain things I've never seen before, at least not going into my body. They are also a little lighter, but that might just be what I'm eating right now.

I imagine some of this is because the DE is scraping my intestines clean and killing a lot of the strongyloides and probably other parasites and carrying them out of my body. The pain under my ribs and on my right side has ceased.

I definitely can attest that DE has diuretic properties. Everything I drink goes right through me very quickly. The only bad effect is that my appetite has increased, so I think I have gained back a little of the weight I lost.

As for the iodine, I got a few bromine detox sores on my face, but they are going away, and I haven't seen any more pop up. I'm still only taking 1 drop a day. My lips have stopped peeling completely since I started putting the iodine on them daily and topping it off with Aquaphor. Whatever critter was causing the peeling, it seems to be under control. I didn't put any iodine on them today, and they are fine, but I will do it tomorrow.

The iodine eyedrops seem to have taken care of whatever was squiggling in my eye, but my eyes are a little dry, so I'm going to start putting coconut oil in them at night and maybe again in the morning.

I have been coughing and sneezing a lot today, but I think that is just the cold weather we are having. I'm literally allergic to the cold. Cold air sets off a histamine reaction in me that feel a lot like a cold if I don't treat it immediately.

One more thing. The castor oil treatment on my scalp has worked. I can see new growth on the edges of my hair, and a few new hairs on top. I think it's too early to attribute that to the DE, so it must be the castor oil.

That's it for now. I'll check back in a few days to tell you more.

December 10, 2014

Castor Oil, Scars and Eyelashes - UPDATED 12/2014


I've been reading about castor oil lately, because it seems to have miraculous powers that coconut oil doesn't have. I mostly was reading about it because of its seeming ability to dissolve scars underneath the skin and replace them with healthy skin and to remove moles. I had tried it on moles before, and while it did cause them to dry on top and peel, it didn't remove them.

Something else I read was that castor oil will thicken your hair and your eyelashes. Now I'm not someone who is going to be rubbing castor oil into my hair every night and sleeping in a cap, but I had noticed that I was losing eyelashes after all the stress and illness, so I thought "why not give it a try?"

I have very blonde eyelashes (yes, I'm a natural blonde), and they are long and sparse, making it necessary to apply several layers of mascara for them to be noticed. When I started using the castor oil on my eyelashes, they were virtually skimpy and missing whole clumps. I really haven't been wearing mascara for awhile, so I hadn't noticed this until I looked closely in the mirror.

I have been rubbing castor oil onto my eyelashes during the day and again at night for about a month, and today I checked them again. IT WORKED! They are actually much thicker and healthier. Of course, they are still blonde, so unless I use mascara, they are pretty much invisible, but now when I do use it, they will look much better, and maybe I won't have to use three coats to make them look nice.

UPDATE 12/10/2014:  I also used castor oil on my hair and scalp when I was losing my hair, and it helped regrow my hair. I don't make any promises about this, because my hair loss was caused by stress and bad nutrition. I have seen men online claiming it helped them regrow their hair, but again -- no promises. You will need to mix it with a thinner oil to use it like this. I mixed it with Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO), which is a pain in the winter because the VCO hardens and you have to heat it gently to get it to liquefy again. You can use it with any other thinning oil. Olive oil is also very good for your hair, but I don't like the smell. I've read about some people using argan oil or almond oil as well. I like the coconut oil because it smells so nice and really makes my hair soft and shiny.

I use a hair color applicator with the long, pointy tip to apply my mixture. You can get these online

Try it! I use The Palma Christi brand hexane-free, cold-pressed castor oil. I wouldn't put castor oil with hexane anywhere near my eyes! It's not cheap, but it lasts a very long time. I buy mine from Amazon because it has the best buy on the 32 oz. size, but they have other sizes if you don't want to buy that much. It's just that you can buy the 32 oz. size for less than twice the price of the 8 oz. size.

Castor Oil-Palma Christi - 32 oz. - Liquid

Lugol's 5% Iodine Eye Drops for Eye Parasites and Pink Eye

 As some of my readers may remember, I was infected many years ago with a parasite called Strongyloides stercoralis. This parasite is incurable, due to the fact that it is the only nematode that can reproduce inside your body. Because of doctors giving me steroids over the years for various problems, including my lupus, this parasite went into what is known as hyperinfection, and disseminated itself all over my body, especially in my skin. The way I found out I had this parasite was that it attacked my right eye, and I could feel it crawling around in my eye and it also caused a lot of watering, etc., sort of like pink eye, but with no redness. 

Searching for a Solution for Eye Parasites

Over the years, I have searched for eye drops that could keep this parasite at bay in my eyes. One day when I was searching, I found a site that recommended using povodine/iodine (Betadine) and distilled water to make eye drops to cure pink eye. I had some Lugols 5% iodine, so I decided to use that and see what it would do for my eyes. The recipe said to put 1 drop of the Betadine into 2 ozs. of distilled water, so I did that with the Lugols. 

Iodine and Virgin Coconut Oil Eye Drop Protocol

I use this in combination with virgin coconut oil (VCO) drops to keep the eye parasites at bay. I put the coconut oil drops in at night before I go to bed, 2 drops in each eye. I used to suffer from dry eye in the winter, but since I've started using the VCO drops, that is gone.

I use the iodine drops in the morning every day, 2 drops in each eye, and whenever I feel the "squigglies" in my eye again. Yes, it burns, but not for long and it really does work well.

I use the drops for two weeks on, two weeks off. Two weeks is usually enough to keep the parasites at bay for awhile, but I like to use it as a preventative. 

Results of Using The Protocol

When I first started using this protocol, a lot of crud came out of my eyes the first few days. It was sand-like, almost crystalline. I would wake up with this stuff all along the bottoms of my eyes. I figured it must have been the frass and dead carcasses of these microscopic worms. After about 3 days, it stopped coming out and the squigglies slowed down until after about a week, it was all gone.

I don't know exactly what this does to the eye parasites. I know that VCO has antiparasitic qualities and that iodine is an antibiotic. I believe it kills some of the parasites and some escape, since they always seem to come back eventually. It does not kill the eggs, so you must use it continually to keep them at bay. I recommend the two weeks on, two weeks off protocol, simply to keep your eyes in good health. Neither of these two things will harm you.

December 9, 2014

Diatomaceous Earth + Iodine: My 30-Day Trial Days 2 thru 4

Days two and three of my diatomaceous earth protocol were non-remarkable. I had a little bit of cramping right under my ribs, and felt a little nauseous when I ate breakfast, but nothing to shout about.

Something I forgot to mention before is that I am also taking 1 drop of 5% Lugol's iodine daily too, but I know what the side effects of that are, so I try to separate them. However, some of the detox reactions may also be from bromine detox, so I'll make note of that when I feel I must.

Today, Day 4, I upped the diatomaceous earth dosage to 1 teaspoon. I noticed now that I am definitely having some detox and die-off symptoms. I'm feeling sluggish, brain fogged and generally just tired, despite having had a perfectly good night's sleep and eating well today.

I'm not taking my supplements while using the diatomaceous earth, but today I had a lot to do and just could not function, so I took a multi-vitamin, a dopa-mucuna capsule, some D3 and an L-tyrosine capsule. Dopa-mucuna is supposed to supply energy and L-tyrosine is the natural equivalent of Adderall, or so I've heard. I just took them about 3:30 pm, so I hope they don't keep me awake tonight. Coffee doesn't seem to be doing me much good.

I can't say much else has been happening that I can directly attribute to the DE right now. Haven't noticed any improvements in my health, but I imagine that will take awhile. With the cold weather, my lupus is flaring anyway, so my joints and muscles are achy. That also may be because of bromine detox. I had a really bad day yesterday after walking 2 miles round trip to the grocery store in somewhat chilly weather.

I'm report back after a few more days at 1 teaspoon and see if there is anything to report.

December 6, 2014

Best Beginner Yoga Types for Women Over 50

Yoga is an excellent exercise for women over 50 because it relieves stress, increases flexibility and helps alleviate joint pain. The gentle poses and meditative aspects are rejuvenating to older bodies and minds. As someone with Lupus, this is the aspect that makes yoga appeal to me. Yoga classes are available in most locations, and many of the best teachers have DVD's that can be used at home. I love practicing yoga at home because it doesn't take much room and doesn't require any special equipment, so it's excellent for those like me with smaller living spaces on limited budgets. 

Rodney Yee's Yoga for Beginners DVD 

There are several types of yoga. Each is geared to a different level of fitness. These four types are excellent for women over 50 who are just getting back into the fitness lifestyle, as well as those with disabilities or physical challenges such as arthritis.

Ananda - A Classic Yoga for Harmony
Ananda yoga is designed to bring harmony to your physical, mental and spiritual being by integrating classic postures, breathing and energy control with meditation. It is unique in its use of asana affirmations and energization exercises, where each posture is paired with an affirmation. It works well for women who are less flexible and less athletic, or those who have sedentary lifestyles.

Anusara - As Individual as the Student
Anusara yoga has become one of the most respected schools of hatha yoga. It combines Universal Principles of Alignment with a philosophy of intrinsic goodness. Each level celebrates the practitioner's individual talents, differences and limitations. Anusara is recommended for less flexible, older women or those who have been injured.

Integral - The Best of All Worlds

Integral yoga combines parts of the Hatha, Raja, Bhakti, Karma, Jnana and Japa yoga disciplines to become a total lifestyle system. It seeks to create harmony with each aspect of the being by using postures, breath control, diet, and meditation. Integral yoga is recommended for beginners and women who are less flexible or older.

Sivananda - Flexibility for All Levels of Student

Sivananda yoga is the type that was introduced by Swami Vishnu-Devananda in 1960 in his book, The Complete Illustrated Book of Yoga. It is unlike other yoga types in that it follows an order and is based on Five Points of Yoga; proper exercise, proper breathing, proper relaxation, proper diet and positive thinking and meditation. Instructors often add or teach variations of poses for each student's level of experience. Part of the main teachings is vegetarianism, but it isn't a requirement. Sivananda is suitable for women of any age, lifestyle or fitness level.

Whichever type of yoga your choose, it's a great gateway to more strenuous types of exercise down the road if that's what you're working toward. Some find that yoga is all they really need

Diatomaceous Earth + Iodine: My 30-Day Trial Day 1

raw diatomaceous earth powder
By SprocketRocket CC0 via Wikimedia Commons
NOTE: I changed the title to add iodine, because I started taking 1 drop of Lugol's 5% iodine daily at the same time, so I will be reporting on both.

I have known about diatomaceous earth for a long time, but was hesitant to use it for some reason. As some of you may remember, I had been losing my hair. I used castor oil and supplements to help regrow it, but as soon as I stopped using them, my hair started falling out again. Putting castor oil in my hair every other night is just disgusting, even if it does leave my hair really soft. I don't mind taking the supplements, but I got sick of downing a handful of pills several times a day, so I stopped that for awhile too.

I started to look at other ways to stop the hair loss, and of course,  saw the horsetail herb, which contains silica. Not wanting to take yet another pill, I started looking for dietary sources of silica, but none of them seemed very appealing to me; however, one of the sources of silica was diatomaceous earth (DE for short) I had only looked at DE as a parasite treatment until I found videos on YouTube touting its benefits for all sorts of other things, so I started to do some research, and it seems that everyone who uses it long term talks about their hair getting thicker and growing faster. So I decided to give it a try.

I purchased two pounds of DE on Amazon for less than $9 with free shipping. It arrived quickly, and I just started taking it today. Everything I read said to start slowly to avoid any die-off  or detox side effects, so I took 1/2 teaspoon mixed in water on an empty stomach, as directed. I haven't noticed any side effects yet, except for maybe one, but not sure that's what caused it.

Every time I do a parasite cleanse or a detox, I have a pain in my lower right abdomen. I had always thought this was because having to drink so much fluid during the cleanse or detox was stirring up a kidney stone. I also got that pain when I drank too many caffeinated beverages. So today, just for a few minutes, I had that same pain. For a few days now, I have had this strange pinching pain right underneath my ribs, and couldn't figure out what it was. I am curious to see if the DE does anything to help with these pains.

  • Only use FOOD GRADE diatomaceous earth. The Industrial grade is cheaper, but it has toxic chemicals inside it. 
  • Also, be very careful not to breathe in the dust. It does not break down in your lungs and can cause silicosis. This usually isn't a problem when using small amounts. I generally just hold the bag as far away as possible and my breath when I open the bag, scoop out my DE and put it into liquid. Better safe than sorry, I always say.
If you'd like to buy some diatomaceous earth yourself and try this cleanse with me, the link to the one I purchased is below. This is a great seller who actually answers questions and ships very quickly.

DiatomaceousEarth Food Grade Diatoamceous Earth Fertilizer, 2-Pounds with Free Shipping