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December 25, 2014

Will 2015 Be the Year I Really Lose Weight?

I try to lose weight every year, and every year I fail. This year, I lost a pant size without even trying during a period when I literally had no appetite for some reason. Now that I've regained my appetite, I am afraid I will gain that weight back.

I have horrendous eating patterns. I'm a grazer, which means I don't eat meals, I just eat when I'm hungry, and it might be just a piece of meat or a few carrot sticks or a piece of fruit or potato chips -- whatever I'm craving or whatever looks good in the fridge, that's what I eat.  I have a terrible addiction to sugar, which is one reason I lost the weight recently; because I cut way back on sugar. I'm a fruit freak and simply must have fresh fruit in my house at all times or I go a little mad. I considered becoming a fruitarian at one time, that's how much I love it.

I also have something called Night Eating Disorder, which is a strange thing that causes me not to be hungry during the day at all, but to consume most of my calories after 7 p.m. at night. I don't drink nearly enough water either.

I just started taking diatomaceous earth every day, and that is supposed to help you lose weight without trying, so we'll see about that. In the meantime, I need to make changes to my diet. These are the things I've decided I'm doing wrong:

  1. Don't drink enough water - all I have is a few cups of coffee every day, which doesn't really count as water because it's diuretic. The fruit counts as some water, but that's not enough. At one time, I had an alarm on my computer set for once an hour and a gallon of distilled water by my bed, and I drank 8 ozs of water every hour for 8 hours. That became boring very quickly. The thing is, I don't actually LIKE water. Fruit juice is too expensive and sugary drinks like Kool-Aid are, well, sugary. Most artificial sweeteners are poison.
    I like stevia o.k., not in love with it, but it's better than sugar or poisons, so maybe I'll start drinking homemade lemonade with stevia. That will solve two problems -- alkalizing my body and giving me more water.
  2.  Don't eat enough protein - I'm not actually that crazy about meat, although I have a freezer full of it right now. The meats I like most, pork and beef, are bad for me. I'm sick to death of chicken and don't like turkey. Beans are a good protein source, but how many beans can you really eat without gagging?
    POSSIBLE SOLUTION:  I have a tub of brown rice protein powder I never really use. I'm going to try to find ways to add that to foods to get more protein. I'll also try to eat meat once a day, although that depends on if I feel like cooking.
  3. Don't eat a balanced diet - I need to keep a track of what I eat, because if I don't, I'll do nothing but eat fruit all day. Menus don't usually work for me, because I may not want to eat those foods for that meal that day, which is why I fail at most diet plans. I also hate having my food choices restricted. If I want a slice of pie, I think I should be able to have it.
    POSSIBLE SOLUTION: Spark People's nutrition tracker. I used this once before and found it very helpful. It gives me a number of calories I need to lose weight and keeps track of my carbs, protein and fat. One drawback is that I like to make pot-luck vegetable soups, and there really isn't a way to keep an accurate account of the nutritional value in those. Also, it requires you to weigh some foods, and that's just too much trouble. Still, it will tell me if my food intake is sufficient and balanced.
  4. Eat too much after 7:00 pm. - The jury is out on whether eating late at night is bad or good. Some say it makes no difference when you eat, just what you eat and how much exercise you get. Since I don't exercise nearly enough, and I have a sedentary job, I think I should eat more during the day when I'm at least a little active.
    POSSIBLE SOLUTION:  Set the alarm for 7 p.m. and don't eat or drink after that time. If I get so hungry I can't stand it, I will allow myself to drink water or herbal tea, but no food. I'll soon tire of drinking the fluids, because it will mean I have to get up during the night and go to the bathroom.
  5. Don't get enough exercise - Well, there is no solution to that other than just to get off my butt and move, is there? I'll work all that out later, but I have a bicycle, and I need to start learning my way around town more, so I think a daily bike ride might not be a bad idea, especially now that the weather is nice.
So there you have it. What I do wrong and what I could possibly do right. Of course, that doesn't mean I'll do it, or that I'll stick to it, but at least it's all laid out so I can see the possible solutions to the weight problem. I'd really like this to be the year I lose the extra 30 pounds and get back into my skinny jeans.

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