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November 4, 2015

Health Reboot Camp - 30-Day Challenge

I've been slacking off on my health regimen and I can really tell the difference. Life has been so crazy, and it still is, but I really need to start back taking care of myself. So as of today, I'm going to start taking my vitamins and supplements. One reason I stopped was because I hated having to take handfuls of pills every day, but when I did, I felt so much better. Now I'm in pain and tired and really need to reboot my health, so this is going to be a health reboot camp, and you are invited to join me.

Here are the detrimental effects I've had without all my supplements:

  • My hair has thinned out a lot since I stopped taking my diatomaceous earth, CLA and Biotin.
  • My joints are terribly painful since I stopped taking my MSM and Borax
  • My skin is dry and flaky since I stopped drinking my 8 glasses of water a day, taking coconut oil daily and using my DIY vitamin C serum
  • My dry eye is back since I stopped using the castor oil/coconut oil drops every night and the "squigglies" are back in my eyes since I stopped using Dr. Christopher's Eyebright Eyedrops
  • My IBS is acting up since I stopped doing a cleanse every 6 months with Kroeger's Wormwood Combo.
  • My leg muscles are much weaker and my endurance is much worse since I stopped doing my step aerobics and riding my bicycle daily.
This is not acceptable. I really need to get back into a regimen. It will be tough after all this time, but I know I can do it if I start slowly.

So here's the 30-day Challenge:

  1. Take or use all my vitamins and supplements daily, no matter what
  2. Exercise daily - ride my bicycle, do step aerobics, or practice qigong (may do all three some days)
  3. Drink at least 64 ozs. of water a day, preferably with lemon juice to alkalize my body
  4. Do a parasite cleanse
I hope some of you will join me in my quest for better health. I'll be posting my progress daily to keep myself accountable.

Let's get serious about our health! If you have any questions about what you should be doing or what vitamins and supplements would be good for you, please feel free to ask in the comments of this or any future post, or like our Simply Deb page on FB or our Simply Deb community on G+ where I'll be posting links to all the Simply Deb blog posts and encouraging discussion.

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