December 11, 2014

Diatomaceous Earth + Iodine: My 30-Day Trial Days 5 & 6

I have upped my dosage to 1 teaspoon of diatomaceous earth, and I have a little bit of something to report. First, that healing crisis on Day 4 is over. I woke up yesterday feeling very good with a clear head and a little more energy.

I have noticed I am falling asleep faster and sleeping more soundly, which is a big change over before. I am definitely more regular with my bowel habits, but one thing does concern me. (GRAPHIC WARNING)  My stools seem to be very narrow, like they are coming out through a smaller opening. I can't imagine what would cause that. Also, they are very "fibrous," like a hemp rope, and contain things I've never seen before, at least not going into my body. They are also a little lighter, but that might just be what I'm eating right now.

I imagine some of this is because the DE is scraping my intestines clean and killing a lot of the strongyloides and probably other parasites and carrying them out of my body. The pain under my ribs and on my right side has ceased.

I definitely can attest that DE has diuretic properties. Everything I drink goes right through me very quickly. The only bad effect is that my appetite has increased, so I think I have gained back a little of the weight I lost.

As for the iodine, I got a few bromine detox sores on my face, but they are going away, and I haven't seen any more pop up. I'm still only taking 1 drop a day. My lips have stopped peeling completely since I started putting the iodine on them daily and topping it off with Aquaphor. Whatever critter was causing the peeling, it seems to be under control. I didn't put any iodine on them today, and they are fine, but I will do it tomorrow.

The iodine eyedrops seem to have taken care of whatever was squiggling in my eye, but my eyes are a little dry, so I'm going to start putting coconut oil in them at night and maybe again in the morning.

I have been coughing and sneezing a lot today, but I think that is just the cold weather we are having. I'm literally allergic to the cold. Cold air sets off a histamine reaction in me that feel a lot like a cold if I don't treat it immediately.

One more thing. The castor oil treatment on my scalp has worked. I can see new growth on the edges of my hair, and a few new hairs on top. I think it's too early to attribute that to the DE, so it must be the castor oil.

That's it for now. I'll check back in a few days to tell you more.

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  1. That's very interesting. I've never heard of anyone using Diatomaceous Earth in this way. I use it as a pest killer. I sprinkle it anywhere ants, roaches or other bugs that can get in could be walking and it's kept my place bug free for years. It got rid of my any problem last year too.


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