December 27, 2014

Diatomaceous Earth + Iodine: My 30-Day Trial Day 21

I've been having some bad detox symptoms from the protocol. I've stopped taking iodine completely for awhile, because I believe it's responsible for the symptoms. I'm up to 1 tablespoon of the diatomaceous earth every day, and have had no noticeable side effects or detox symptoms when taking it by itself.

I started this to get my thinning hair to grow back, and I'm beginning to see some progress on that front. I've discontinued using castor oil on my scalp, and am beginning to see some short new hairs coming out on the top of my head. I'm not seeing as much hair loss in my brushes either, but I know that my hair cannot truly thicken until that stops. No doubt, the hair that is still weak will eventually fall out. If I hold my hair up to the side, I can see where it is getting thicker near the scalp, but overall, it is still painfully thin.

As for the iodine, the detox symptoms included severe swelling in my throat and lymph glands, especially on the right side; pain in my sinuses and strange pains in my gut as if something was boring  through my intestines. My shoulder and neck on the right side were also painful, and I had pain going from my left elbow into my hand. My joints were so painful yesterday I could hardly finish my shopping, although I had taken three naproxen tablets. I also had shooting pains (neuralgia) all over my body and my left hip had severe pain that felt like a slipped disk. That hip has been giving me trouble for awhile, so it may be unrelated.

The reason I believe it is the iodine causing this is because these are pretty much the same detox symptoms I had when I did an iodine protocol without DE a couple of years ago.

I've decided to finish up the 30 days with the diatomaceous earth only, and to do a 30-day iodine treatment next.


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