December 6, 2014

How L-Dopa Mucuna Helped My Depression and Increased My Focus

L-Dopa Mucuna is derived from the bean of the Mucuna pruriens plant, and has been used for centuries to treat depression, increase energy and boost your mental acuity and focus.

I had been trying to find alternatives to caffeine and guarana, my two favorite stimulants, which weren't really working well anymore to give me energy or increase my mental acuity. I quite accidentally discovered L-Dopa Mucuna while reading about a man's backyard food forest. He was growing the Mucuna pruriens beans and using them as medicine. He talked about some of the benefits, and one was increased energy. I decided to give them a try, but since I had nowhere to grow the beans, I ordered the capsules of L-Dopa Mucuna online.

What is L-Dopa?

You've no doubt heard of L-Dopa, but unless you are involved with someone who has Parkinson's disease or is a body builder, you may not know much about it. L-Dopa is an amino acid which is a precursor to dopamine. If you are a sufferer of major depression, you have heard of dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter manufactured by certain neurons in the brain. Dopamine neurons are triggered by good feelings, which explains its tie-in to addiction and reckless behavior. In short, dopamine makes you feel good.

How Does Dopamine Affect the Brain?
Low dopamine levels are associated with addiction, depression, psychosis, schizophrenia and Attention Deficit Disorder. Since dopamine itself can not cross the blood-brain barrier, it is delivered in a precursor state - a form which causes the brain to produce dopamine. L-Dopa is just such a precursor. L-Dopa has been found to be effective in alleviating depression, increasing focus and in treating Parkinson's Disease. The video What is Dopamine? gives a good explanation of exactly how it works in your brain.

How L-Dopa Increased My Focus and Energy Levels

Once I read about the use of L-Dopa for depression, I wanted to try it out. I have been on bupropion for awhile, but it had stopped working. I have addiction genes, so my body builds up a tolerance to "feel good" drugs very quickly. I was searching for something more natural to replace the bupropion that had fewer side effects, such as the severe brain fog I had experienced.

I started taking L-Dopa Mucuna, a powdered form of the Mucuna pruriens bean, in 400 mg capsules with 15% L-Dopa content. I first noticed that my energy and focus increased, and as I continued to take it, I was able to write better and faster. I began to wean myself off of the bupropion and within a month, I found I did not need it at all.

What is the Dosage of L-Dopa Mucuna?
As recommended on the label, I take two capsules a day, one in the morning and one around 3 p.m. when my energy normally starts to wane. I tried taking both capsules in the morning, but it made me jittery, so I spaced them out. This supplement should be taken on an empty stomach, and so far, I have had no digestive upset or nausea from it, despite my sensitive stomach.

Cautions and Recommendations
I don't recommend that you stop taking your anti-depressants without consulting your physician. Mine was willing to let me try this, but with the agreement that if it didn't work, I would go back on the bupropion. So far, I haven't had to do that.

If you are looking for something to simply boost your energy and focus, L-Dopa Mucuna capsules may be a good choice. Not all herbs work immediately for everyone, so give it a couple of weeks to build up in your system before you pronounce it a failure. I felt the effects immediately, but I have a low tolerance for any mood-changing compound. Take one capsule at first, and if you start feeling strange or sick, discontinue taking it immediately. I don't recommend taking it in bean form, because the dosage isn't standardized.

L-Dopa Mucuna has been a blessing to many people who are suffering from diseases such as ADHD, chronic fatigue, and depression. Hopefully, it will help you too.


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