December 10, 2014

Lugol's 5% Iodine Eye Drops for Eye Parasites and Pink Eye

 As some of my readers may remember, I was infected many years ago with a parasite called Strongyloides stercoralis. This parasite is incurable, due to the fact that it is the only nematode that can reproduce inside your body. Because of doctors giving me steroids over the years for various problems, including my lupus, this parasite went into what is known as hyperinfection, and disseminated itself all over my body, especially in my skin. The way I found out I had this parasite was that it attacked my right eye, and I could feel it crawling around in my eye and it also caused a lot of watering, etc., sort of like pink eye, but with no redness. 

Searching for a Solution for Eye Parasites

Over the years, I have searched for eye drops that could keep this parasite at bay in my eyes. One day when I was searching, I found a site that recommended using povodine/iodine (Betadine) and distilled water to make eye drops to cure pink eye. I had some Lugols 5% iodine, so I decided to use that and see what it would do for my eyes. The recipe said to put 1 drop of the Betadine into 2 ozs. of distilled water, so I did that with the Lugols. 

Iodine and Virgin Coconut Oil Eye Drop Protocol

I use this in combination with virgin coconut oil (VCO) drops to keep the eye parasites at bay. I put the coconut oil drops in at night before I go to bed, 2 drops in each eye. I used to suffer from dry eye in the winter, but since I've started using the VCO drops, that is gone.

I use the iodine drops in the morning every day, 2 drops in each eye, and whenever I feel the "squigglies" in my eye again. Yes, it burns, but not for long and it really does work well.

I use the drops for two weeks on, two weeks off. Two weeks is usually enough to keep the parasites at bay for awhile, but I like to use it as a preventative. 

Results of Using The Protocol

When I first started using this protocol, a lot of crud came out of my eyes the first few days. It was sand-like, almost crystalline. I would wake up with this stuff all along the bottoms of my eyes. I figured it must have been the frass and dead carcasses of these microscopic worms. After about 3 days, it stopped coming out and the squigglies slowed down until after about a week, it was all gone.

I don't know exactly what this does to the eye parasites. I know that VCO has antiparasitic qualities and that iodine is an antibiotic. I believe it kills some of the parasites and some escape, since they always seem to come back eventually. It does not kill the eggs, so you must use it continually to keep them at bay. I recommend the two weeks on, two weeks off protocol, simply to keep your eyes in good health. Neither of these two things will harm you.


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