January 9, 2015

Diatomaceous Earth + Iodine Trial: Day 34

Since I last posted about this protocol, I have stopped taking iodine altogether for awhile. I'm going to start back at one drop a day in 8 ozs. of water, divided into one dose every four hours. For some reason, taking more than one drop a day causes me all sorts of problems. I joined Stephanie Buist's iodine group on Facebook, where someone said the iodine is probably causing side effects because I have adrenal fatigue, so another something to worry about.

All of this is so complicated, and it seems you need to have so many levels checked by doctors all the time that it's nearly impossible for me to follow. Not having insurance or access to free medical care, sometimes I think I should just give up and let myself die. I keep trying to get to the free clinic on Wednesdays, but something always comes up or it's pouring rain or freezing cold, and without a car, that makes it very difficult to get there. I'll keep trying, but it is very discouraging.

I have noticed a few things that I want you to know about.


My skin health is improving. Evidently, the diatomaceous earth is rebuilding my skin. I judge by the skin on my arms and hands, because it is so damaged from the parasites that took up residence there for so many years, I can see changes there the best. The skin on my arms is no longer so terribly dry and flaky, and seems to be less dehydrated. I haven't started taking my coconut oil daily yet, and having to wear long sleeves in this cold weather makes it impossible to put the oil on my arms, but it does seem to be improving.


My hair seems to be getting thicker at the roots and on the edges. This has to be from the DE, because I haven't been putting castor oil on my scalp. I can see some tiny hairs about 1/4 inch long on the top of my head, and some peach fuzzy type hair coming in on the edges. When I pull my hair up, I can definitely see a very narrow line of darker hair at the roots. I don't color my hair, so the DE seems to be making my hair darker. I'll be getting my hair cut soon, so it can grow out thicker in the altogether in time.

My fingernails are growing like mad! It takes awhile for them to grow completely out to the newer, stronger nails, and I'm impatient to see how that works. I have always had weak nails that curve under when they get too long. I'd love to have stronger nails that grow out straight. On the other hand, my toenails don't seem to be growing any faster at all. I damaged my toenails when I was moving last May, and lost the nail on my right big toe. It has just about grown completely back out, except for one corner which is still black. A few other nails have ridges at the end that I would like to see grow out faster.


My energy level is higher, but I'm having a harder time concentrating. I'll be taking my CoQ10 and L-Tyrosine to try to combat that, because it makes it difficult to work. I felt energetic enough to start riding my bicycle last week, and to give the house a really good cleaning, which I haven't done in a long time due to lack of energy.

I'm setting up a schedule today to start taking my supplements again on a daily basis. It's complicated, because they have to be taken either once, twice or three times a day, so I have to set up an hourly schedule on when to take what. I have my spreadsheet done with all the supplements and how many times a day they are taken, so I just have to do the schedule now.

Well, I have to get back to work, so I'll leave this here. I hope this is helping someone. Please leave comments if it has helped you in any way.


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